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The reason for investigating this topic is due to my personal experience, as my dad had been suffering from Parkinson’s for over 9 years. I have witnessed lots of ups and downs of how he and my mum, his carer, cope with this life-changing condition. My initial concept is to unveil different stories between Parkinson’s Patients and Carers as sharing experience can be a effective way for them to find mutual support towards this progressive and
so-called incurable disease.

The switchON idea was inspired by one of the description when Parkinson’s patients describes their body condition as “switching on their body” when taking a certain type of medication. I believe this would be an appropriate analogy to remind people to switchON their awareness towards Carers’ situation in the UK.

The main aim is to support Parkinson’s Carers as their wellbeing have a crucial impact towards the Parkinson Patients’ condition. Therefore, the purpose of this project is not just to support Carers but also to Patients so they can cope with this long and difficult journey together. Most of all, the ultimate goal is to raise awareness and attract supporters to Carers in the UK. Therefore, a holistic campaign can possibly attain the aims and objectives of the project.

The Campaign Design deliverable included the campaign identity, Invitation Card, Promotion Poster & Ad, Event Journey Design, Online Promotion Strategy, and a Website was developed to demonstrate the concept. In addition, a report was done to document the research and
design development process of this project.

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